Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday Words...

So originally I had wanted to do a Pinterest post every Wednesday. Alas, I have not yet received my invite. Sad face. I already know that I will be addicted as soon as I join so be prepared!

Anyhow, That leaves me with an open Wednesday so I have decided to do "Wednesday Words". Polish words that is. Like I have said before I am trying to learn Polish. I have a HUGE fascination with languages in general and speak German pretty well, I speak enough Spanish to get by at work, I have an impressive vocabulary of Italian cuss words, and next on my list is Polish. 

My boyfriend's family is all Polish and that is what the speak at home. So I would LOVE to be able to understand what is going on AND I'll have willing participants to practice with so this should be simple... right? No.

Some of the first words I learned (from my man's family at a barbecue) were the words for beer, wine, water, and vodka. Be advised: they all sound somewhat similar... it may get confusing.

pic found here

pic found here

pic found here

pic found here

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!

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