Monday, December 19, 2011

No More Useless Souvenirs!!

           A new tradition (that I am SUPER excited about) has been started by the boyfriend and I with our Christmas ornaments. This is our first year together and we wanted to start some of our own Christmas traditions.

            We both love to travel but have come upon the same problem involving souvenirs... You know how when you take a trip you feel like you should get some kind of keepsake but you aren’t sure what to get so over the years you manage to collect an entire cabinet full of shot glasses and various other useless trinkets? Well not anymore!!!

            From now on every trip we go on we will be getting a Christmas ornament as our souvenir! They are surprisingly easy to find at any touristy destination and even if you can't find an actual ornament it is simple to pick out a fun keychain and turn it into an ornament by replacing the key ring with a hook!

Our Sombrero Ornament from a vacation to Cabo this fall
            So our ultimate goal is to replace all the generic store ornaments on our tree slowly with souvenirs to commemorate our travel experiences! I am super excited about this and we already have our first Ornament from Cabo San Lucas this past fall!

            Happy Holidays!!

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