Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday! Link-up

Welcome to another Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday! Link-up! This week I am doing a Valentine edition for your viewing pleasure! 

This will be the first Valentine's day with my honey and I'm hoping for a good one!! Just a laid back eveing together will be nice!


Super cute V-Day wreath!

ANY excuse to make cupcakes....

BEST romantic movie of all time

Great way to remember special occasions!

SUPER cute

BACON roses for that special man in your life... hahaha

I want this necklace!!

Awesome Idea!

I hope that everyone has a great week and a very happy Valentine's Day! If you're single I hope you treat yourself to a nice night to yourself! That's what I always did!!!



  1. haha love the bacon flowers! my husband would love that! and love The Notebook (even my hubby does but he doesn't want anyone to know haha)

  2. ummm, the picture below the cupcakes is HOTTT!

    PS- i'm calling you tomorrow.